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Friday, June 09, 2006

Well you're in your little room....

...and you're workin' on something good
but if it's really good
you're gonna need a bigger room.....

Time to move on. I'm setting up my blog over at the following URL:

Please update your links accordingly and stop on by! And to any government-types who read this: no, I am not taking any compensation until the paperwork goes through!

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Thursday, June 08, 2006

SchadenFriday: Blogger

I hate Blogger. HATE. I actually wanted to post some science this week, but every. single. damn. time I tried to get on, the website was messed up. So now I hope Blogger continues to implode.

I go live at SEED tomorrow anyway. So this is the last hurrah. I'll make one final post tomorrow redirecting to the new address. Update your bookmarks!

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Friday, June 02, 2006

Blogging for Seed

That sounds gross but I had to type it. They're not ready with the pages yet so I won't be moving over there for a week or two.

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SchadenFriday Smoking Edition

Justice Dept. Official to Be Questioned in Tobacco Case

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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Hughes vs Gracie analysis

So I caught UFC 60 and the outcome was pretty much as I expected. Hughes basically owned Gracie the entire fight. Sure, some of the Gracie nut-huggers will try to explain the loss away by stating that Royce was out of the game for so long, but that excuse doesn't fly because he fought in Pride and a few other matches recently. More likely the age difference contributed to the outcome, but I think the real answer is that Royce lost to a guy with superior striking skills.

The Gracie family revolutionized training by bringing the importance of groundfighting and submission skills back into the public eye. For a decade they whupped on everybody. Unfortunately, the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu apologists took this to mean that any fight could be won via good ground skills alone. At least as far as the UFC goes, this is not and has not been the case for a while. You won't hear the end of it from the BJJ guys though, as they'll proclaim that Royce lost because Hughes learned BJJ. While that may be true, he was also a 5th place NCAA wrestler and groundfighting is no stranger to him. And the simple fact of the matter is, if you watch the fight, right around the 3:45 minute mark Hughes has him on the fence and drives a knee right into Royce's gut. I think that blow pretty much took the wind out of Royce's sails; you can see him wince and double over, staying tied up when normally he would've gone for the shoot. Once it went to the ground, Royce barely put up a fight. I think he just kinda fell apart.

So I have to say sorry Royce, the game has evolved beyond you. In fact it has come full circle; you simply have to be a well-rounded fighter to win, no matter whether your specialty is stand-up or rolling. I appreciate what you did for the sport, but groundfighting ain't everything. Hit the gym and focus on your striking skills.

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Change a comin'.....

So I'm supposed to start blogging for SEED on June 2. I've taken off the last month or so because of family health issues and another grant deadline; I figure I'll be doing more blogging than I ever really wanted to, soon enough.

Unfortunately, due to NIH paperwork constraints, I won't be taking any reimbursement for my services until the paperwork goes through. And since SEED is running behind with the login information, that paperwork might get done before I start bloggin'...

So good-bye blogger, you suck. I shan't miss you much.

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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Did Lamarck get a bum rap?

Fairly interesting piece. Maybe RNA is pissed about its alleged former status as Overlord of Inheritance, and is poised to make a comeback.

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Thursday, May 25, 2006

SchadenFriday Early Edition: Lay convicted on all 6 counts


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Monday, May 15, 2006


Been a lot happening lately. Parents were in town for a visit, and we had our Ben and Jerry's ice cream trip interrupted by news that my Grandma has just died. Might be out of commission for a while folks. On the other hand, maybe I'll post more as an escape. Who knows?

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