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Friday, April 21, 2006

SchadenFriday: Intelligent Design

Found this hilarious yet accurate summary of the Intelligent Design movement via Ed Brayton's blog:

  • ID is whatever we say it is, and we don't agree.

  • Greater and greater numbers of scientists are joining the ID movement, which is why we keep referring to the same three year after year.

  • ID is not creationism, and can be perfectly compatible with evolution. This is why we're asking schools to teach the "evidence against evolution".

  • We're not creationists, except for those of us who are, but the rest of us won't confirm that we're not. But if you call us creationists, we'll complain to no end.

  • The correct stance on issues like an ancient Earth, the common ancestry of organisms, and natural selection can be worked out later, after we've convinced the public that they should be rejecting at least one of these.

Check out the link in the title for more ID duplicity.


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