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Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Nice progressive rant

Lindsay Beyerstein has a nice progressive sound-off about raising kids. She cuts right to the heart of the problem:
Society should help make sure that parents retain control--that means stuff like living wages so that you're not working 16-hour days and hoping your kid isn't soaking up Hot Coffee while you're at work.

There's a real progressive fix; worried about your kids growing up right? V-chips aren't the answer. Parental involvement is, and if you have to work 2 jobs to make ends meet, parental involvement simply isn't feasible.

**Hot Coffee being the name of a hack to GTA: San Andreas that leads to a special scenario where stick figures have sex. Seriously, all you morality mavens on both sides of the fence, from Lieberman and Hillary to Santorum, Bush, and Coburn, get off your damn high horse. Why do you waste time with friggin' videogames? You yourselves set a much worse example for our kids by voting for wars of convenience, trampling civil rights, and fixing intelligence. Want really bad video games to persecute? Go to Japan. Some of theirs have explicit rape scenes you can control. Funny how their crime rates are so much lower; maybe the video game isn't the problem, but a consequence. Focus more on child and spousal abuse, and make sure parents can be home to raise their kids if you want real solutions.


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