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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

What the hell is wrong with Indiana State legislators?

The title links to a PDF of a bill proposed by the presumably psychotic religiofascist republican state senator Patricia Miller. Apparently marriage would be a requirement for motherhood, with penalties for unmarried women who become pregnant by means other than intercourse, which means "unauthorized reproduction" would be a class B misdemeanor. Those seeking to use artificial means would have to apply for a "gestational certificate". Only married people will be eligible for said certificate.

Interestingly, the bill only targets women; unmarried fathers aren't beholden to the same standards. Perhaps the sponsor has a problem with lesbians who wish to become pregnant? I speculate that she is stupid enough to also support restricting access to birth control.

Whatever. All I know is I am dumber for having read that bill. I thought dem der evul libruls were supposed to be the ones proposing this Brave New World shit.


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