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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

MD resident? Work in science? Sign the petition!

If you support evolution and want to keep ID out of public schools, there's a new petition going around for MD residents who are scientists, educators of science, or work in a science-related field.

There are two pro-ID bills in the Maryland House of Delegates. It is our intention that they die in committee. Read the petition and sign it if you agree. (Note: "disastrous" will be spelled correctly in the printed version).

HB 1531 is going to have an open hearing for the public to voice their concerns on the 23rd, Greg is going to drop this off there and speak his three minute's worth. We'd like to get at least 50 signatures in the next 2 days from scientists, science educators, and anybody else who uses science in their line of work. Spread the word. We can get some traction out of this when HB 1228 comes around, so keep telling people.

Please let people know that they don't need to put their full address online, just enough to show that they are a Maryland resident (e.g. town, zip) and if they like they can email Greg their full address at unnatural.selection AT While he won't give out addresses except to the delegates, they do seem to be showing up on the signature page.

The full text of the petition.

Links to the text of the two bills can be found here for 1531 and here for 1228.


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