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Tuesday, March 28, 2006


Man, getting in shape is a lot rougher than I remember it. I've got a bone bruise on my shin that started out the size of a silver dollar yesterday but is now 3 inches wide. I can barely even lift myself out of the car because my legs are so stiff and plain worn out. Yet I'm going again tonight. Christ I'm stupid.

Found this tribute video to Ramon Dekkers, a Dutch-born thai boxer. If you can ignore the terrible music and dumb intro, it is worth a view. The American version of a good fighter is a boxer with a record of like 33 and 3. A thai fighter is considered decent if he breaks even, and really good if he ekes out a win in 2/3 of his (or her) fights. Dekkers fought over 200 fights and won over 175 of them, all the more impressive when you recall that so many of them were not on his own turf.

I love this guy. He's like a steamroller. It isn't uncommon for him to throw an elbow with so much zeal that he catapults himself right over the ropes (he almost does it in this set). Be sure to watch for the Rocky III double knockout moment too. Mad fun.


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